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Jun 2020 - Wedding Time

I took this month off from any projects to enjoy time with my wife as we got married on June 12th. This was a much-needed break ...

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May 2020 - 3D Character Design [Part 1]

I've always had a love for the fantasy genre. It has always been a sort of escape for my brain, I guess. On top of that ...

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April 2020 - A Study of Inverse Kinematics

As humans, we can easily think, "I want my hand in this location" and you move your hand there. When doing this, your ...

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March 2020 - Building a 12 Foot Bridge

A long time ago, almost 10 years ago from when this project started, I created a bridge in our woods for hiking ...

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February 2020 - Creating a Faux Neon Sign

For some background, I graduated in the Fall of 2019. I was a founding member of Delta Sigma Phi, Eta Upsilon chapter ...

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January 2020 - Creating a Fitness Tracker Application

I have recently signed an offer and started a job at Salesforce. While this is very exciting, I need to keep up on ...

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A Top down Analysis of 1Check & MySQL

In today’s society, people expect many things instantaneously. Many researchers attribute this to the constant presence ...

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