Creating a Fitness Tracker Application

31 January 2020 by Casey Mershon.

I have recently signed an offer and started a job at Salesforce. While this is very exciting, I need to keep up on my physical activity since most of my job entails long hours working from a desk or home. To help keep myself responsible, I have planned on creating a web-based application that can be accessed from either a desktop or a mobile device. This application will keep track of workouts, weights used, date, etc. and display them in responsive design. This design will be able to show the increase in weights used and its relation to body weight.

My first step to this project was to create a data model. This data model will help show relationships between user data and their entries using the fitness tracker application. The data model consists of three entities, the user, category, and workout entity. The user entity will contain the unique user ID, the user's username, their password, and their first & last name. The unique user ID will be used as a reference across the rest of the entities. Next, the category entity will contain the user ID (for reference), the unique category ID (also for future reference), and the category name. The category name will be dictated by the user. Finally, the workout entity contains the user ID, category ID, workout ID, date of workout, weight used, and the workout name. This will allow the workout to be assigned to a specific category such as dumbbell curls are in the bicep category.

Project page will continue to be updated as new content is created.