About Me.

Computer Scientist & Developer

My name is Casey Mershon. I am a computer scientist & developer, I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work.

With 3 years of experience in research and development and 2 years of customer support, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and support digital products. I enjoy every step of the creative process, from discussion and collaboration to programming and troubleshooting.

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What I Can Do


I am able to work to a brief, act on constructive feedback, and develop unique solutions to contribute to the client's overall vision.

Full-Stack Development

I have a high level of technical programming skills and am able to program and refine, high-quality deliverables with interesting and distinctive creative ideas.

Data Architecture

I am able to understand complex data structures and their relationships between entities in addition to querying data sets within them.

Research & Development

I am able to research existing ideas to contribute to a solid foundation on which new projects and ideas can be developed from.

Lifetime Learner

After graduating from college, I was worried that my studies would plateau. I am partially developing this site to help me grow my skills and share what I learn along the way.


I have the ability to create and break down solutions into easily understandable pieces that clients can use to achieve their desired result.


Work I Have Done

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  • Web Design
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Precision Hand
Controls in VR
Interactive ISU
David Neville Music
Web Design
Simply Slabs
Web Design
API Research
& Development
Web Design / Development
Application / Development

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