Wedding Time

30 June 2020 by Casey Mershon.

I took this month off from any projects to enjoy time with my wife as we got married on June 12th. This was a much-needed break from the monotony of work and life in general. After our wedding, we took a week-long honeymoon to Whitefish, Montana. It was my first time out west and was truly a unique experiences.

Previously, I had only ever seen mountains from airplane windows where I never understood how vast they are. During the honeymoon, we stayed in a ski lodge on Big Mountain, the place is literally called Big Mountain and I can confirm that it is indeed big!

During our stay, one of the most notable places we visited Glacier National Park. While the park was partially closed due to covid restrictions, we were still able to see some of the runoff lakes from the mountains and glaciers. We were able to visit the small village Apgar as well as the old mercentile store PoleBridge. After working from home for a few months, it was certainly nice to walk outside to enjoy some fresh air.

But, I will keep this post much shorter than my others to enjoy my time off and relax. Thank you for reading!